Slot classic: The Art Of Collecting Dreams Collector´s Guide P II

Slot classic: The Art Of Collecting Dreams - Collector´s Guide Part II

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Slot classic: The Art Of Collecting Dreams - Collector´s Guide Part II

Dreisprachig: deutsch, englisch, spanisch

Verlagstext: "Once again the book will feature a high-quality standard with thread-stitching and dust cover and 192 pages, the format will be 24x30 centimetres, the texts will be in German, English and Spanish.

The book will contain a catalogue section with numerous pictures of the latest SLOT CLASSIC models CJ-26 to CJ-35, including rare special models, variations and pre-series items.

It also includes various previously unpublished colour variations and unknown factory built RTR-versions of CJ-1 to CJ-25 as a supplement to the first book.

Further included are a lot of information and pictures about construction and production steps, information about the collector scene of SLOT CLASSIC and some fascinating photos of racing scenes with SLOT CLASSIC models taken at some of the most beautiful slot-tracks and displays.

On top of all that, and as a highlight for any SLOT CLASSIC collector the new book will contain the original “Slot Classic factory RTR lists” in order to enable the collector to identify if the model he owns (for example no. 038/ 400) was delivered already as a factory built RTR or if it was constructed later by anyone on the basis of a SLOT CLASSIC kit.

The RTR lists documented which production number of the limited edition of a model has been delivered by Slot Classic as a factory built RTR, and it also specifies in which colour or sometimes variation it was built.

Especially when older models are offered on the collector´s market, and maybe boxes or certificates are missing, it was often impossible to identify a model as a factory built one or not. As cars completed by the manufacturer himself are much more attractive for collectors and achieve considerably higher prices than models built by customers from a kit, this question is considered as an essential aspect for the serious collector.

von Uwe Kitza, 192 Seiten, Format 24 x 30 cm, Hardcover, Verlag U. Kitza 2010

ISBN 978-3-00-032371-3

  • Breite 24 cm
  • Höhe 30 cm


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